Start Tabbing Better - With Toby

Toby recently blew up on Product Hunt and was featured there on September 12th – by Axiom Zen

“No one ever got into Harvard or Yale with only three tabs open.” - Dave Pell

Not all of us live as completely in the internet as Dave Pell. A news commentator and startup investor, he once said that he opens a hundred tabs joking, the fact is that a sea of tabs is an unavoidable aspect of the modern web.

Even if you don’t have forty thousand followers, chances are you open and close hundreds of tabs a week. We’ve all done the dance of scanning through a dozen of tiny grey rectangles, trying to guess whether “Wor..” or “Wer…” is the site you now desperately need.

It was watching coworkers drowning in that sea that led Arthur to build Toby. He wanted everyone to have a board where the information they needed would always be at their fingertips - and in today’s world, that meant conquering tabs. As Arthur explains, “I wanted to test if it would make me and other people more productive - and it turns out it does. For me, at least!”


With Toby, you can finally manage your tabs the way you’ve always wanted. No more time wasted hunting for the information you need - Toby is a free Chrome extension that provides easy access to all of your sites. It lives in every new chrome tab you open, so you always have instant access to your tabs. You can organize tabs into easy to digest visual lists, and add sites using the on-page drag and drop menu. Don’t want to navigate away from your tabs? Toby lets you add to lists from anywhere with a one-click button! Toby is tab management that fits the way you work.

After launching a week ago on Product Hunt, we’ve already seen 16,000 downloads, and over 60% of users are engaging on a regular basis! We’ve just crossed the million tabs opened mark, and we've already pushed our first product update.

Start tabbing better with Toby.

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