An elegant end to bad WiFi.

It’s smartly designed, easy to set up and immediately provided me with an excellent network experience.

Enjoy hassle-free, strong WiFi thanks to Plume’s mesh network. Plume created innovative technology, but needed the groundwork for a compelling consumer experience. Axiom Zen addressed the intangibles: designing digital interfaces, guiding and shaping the development process, and offering focus in regards to product strategy.

  • Mobile App UX & UI design
  • Dashboard UX & UI design
  • Product strategy
  • Low + High Fidelity App Designs
  • Internal Dashboard Interface
  • Feature guide
Press Highlights

Plume Design & Axiom Zen

Both remotely and on the ground, our team integrated with Plume Design to add our expertise in UX, UI, and other design-centric services. Plume Design’s internal data visualization dashboard was conceived, considered, and completely built out in under two months. From there we crafted the design for the consumer app experience, helping to make an incredibly high-tech solution accessible to consumers.

Plume: a routerless rebel

Plume’s mission is to completely reinvent home WiFi. Instead of building on existing WiFi technology (like the world needs another router), they go a layer deeper and dissect the very architecture behind the networks. With Plume you get the world's first self-optimizing WiFi network powered by the cloud.

Visualizing the future

In addition to helping accelerate design and development for Plume’s consumer-facing mobile apps, Axiom Zen developed a powerful, comprehensive, and shockingly gorgeous data visualization dashboard. This dashboard provides the Plume team with a variety of analytics to inform the design, usability, and performance of the app and associated devices.

Not only was the dashboard used to diagnose issues and dramatically improve Plume’s performance during testing, but it was also a keystone to showing off the future of the product to potential investors.

Pretty, powerful, and beyond functional

Plume’s consumer app needed to be beautifully functional and completely frictionless. Axiom Zen crafted the app’s entire user experience, including initial wireframes, onboarding, and visual design. We needed an app that gave as much care and attention to elegance as the Plume pods themselves, turning Plume Design’s transformative technology into an intuitive joy to use.

"Typically, I’m not really the kind of person who cares much about this... but even I have to admit, I found Plume’s UI oddly charming."

Onboarding Interface

A product you can believe in

Only seven months after their consumer launch, Plume raised $37 million in a third round of venture financing to bring their technology directly to service providers. Among the investors were Comcast, the largest broadband provider in the United States, and Presidio Ventures, a sister company of J:Com, one of Japan’s broadband providers.

Plume’s prior investors, including Liberty Global, Shaw Cable, and Jackson Square Ventures, also joined in the new funding round, which brings the total amount the company has raised to more than $63 million.