Aaron Upright


Allergic to average.
  • Relationship building
  • Sales strategy
  • Enterprise software
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Allergic to average.

Aaron is a sales and go-to-market expert. He is head of strategic accounts for ZenHub, the leader in GitHub project management. Under his relentless cultivation, thousands of ZenHub and ZenHub Enterprise customers including many of the Fortune 500 have onboarded their teams onto the platform.

Aaron may never have gotten to be an astronaut like he wanted to when he was 5 years old, but the fact that he gets to work with teams at NASA and IBM is something that's pretty special, and he feels privileged to do. Working with big name companies isn't about putting those logos on Axiom Zen's website - it's that those companies are literally moving humanity forward, and there is no greater feeling than helping to fundamentally change the way the best teams build amazing products.

For Aaron every customer is a partner, and every deal a collaboration. By learning about the ways each company uses ZenHub, he gains a deep understanding of their unique challenges and concerns. He translates this knowledge for the ZenHub team, who discover new refinements that support and enhance the customer's user experience.

A player of competitive soccer for more than 15 years, Aaron now sticks to recreational fĂștbol. One day, he will attend a World Cup - though he finds it hard to believe that he'll want to take an entire month off anytime in the next 10 years.