Alex Hentschel

Machine Educator

Not working on Skynet...
  • Machine learning
  • Software development (Java and Python)
  • Math
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Not working on Skynet...

Alex is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer on our Artificial Intelligence team. It’s his passion for understanding how technology works—a passion he recalls from his elementary school years—that makes him such an integral part of our team.

Alex initially put his quantum computing and science PhD into practice conducting research and development with Siemens. Focusing on machine learning and data science, he successfully developed interpretable reinforcement-learning, a methodology that extracts insights from AI learnings. In addition to his software engineering and technical project management with Siemens, Alex also worked on prototype deployments for industrial gas and wind turbines.

With Axiom Zen, Alex focuses on machine learning and software development. He is working with the Legends team on a learning system that takes the user’s interests and uses that information to feed them relevant sports news.