Cassidy Robertson

Spark Plug

  • Product strategy
  • Research
  • Experimentation
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Cassidy is Axiom Zen’s resident Spark Plug, adding jolts of enthusiasm to the projects she’s part of and the teams she works with.

Always looking for a problem to solve or skill to acquire, Cassidy started her first business at the age of 10. With a handful of successful experiments to keep her running, she pursued alternative education and found her projects quickly growing legs. Cassidy was then named one of Canada’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs under 25; she moved to Vancouver for the first cohort of The Next Big Thing Incubator. Here she worked to build a sustainable plastic manufacturing plant.

In search of more tangible skills and mentorship, Cassidy dissolved her company and moved to New York to attend a coding bootcamp. Here she picked up technical skills which, combined with her entrepreneurial attitude, led to her new home at Axiom Zen.

Still approaching problems from sideways angles and finding gaps to fill, Cassidy brings her hustle to the product team and takes pride in discovering the loopholes that lead to success.