Christopher Scott

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Losers have goals; winners have systems.
Scott Adams
  • Backend/DevOps
  • Blockchain
  • iOS
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Losers have goals; winners have systems.
Scott Adams

Chris is our Head of Technology. He spearheads the research and design for projects that require advanced cryptographic techniques (and a lot of other technical things we can’t quite comprehend). He’s developed and deployed full microservice architectures to Kubernetes on Google Cloud, and continues to support CryptoKitties backend development and deployment. All this, and Chris has still found time to learn Solidity, the high-level language for Ethereum smart contracts.

Before working with Axiom Zen and CryptoKitties, Chris cut his teeth at Electronic Arts working on the award-winning Skate and Skate 2 next generation console games. He then started and successfully ran his own consulting company for two years doing full stack and mobile development for both iOS and Blackberry.

Chris is currently focused on building contract-based solutions for internal projects, and in his spare time is working on building a new blockchain game.