Courtney McNeil

Creative Director

  • Brand identity and strategy
  • Art direction
  • Campaign conceptualization and development
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Courtney is our Creative Director, and an expert in brand identity and strategy, art direction, and campaign conceptualization and development. She defines, leads, and grows the design team for CryptoKitties to enhance creative through exceptional and delightful user experience. Since joining the team, creative production for CryptoKitties has tripled, the creative design team has quadrupled, and she’s built a network of top talent to tap into as we continue to grow and scale the game.

Courtney’s career before CryptoKitties earned her a variety of skills including and outside of design; she shaped creative for campaigns for large-scale advertising, partnerships, and websites. She’s led a successful rebrand for a global company, built and developed a unique visual language adaptable to local and global markets through Asia and Europe, and art directed for a variety of global campaigns. Courtney did all this while leading and growing a cross-disciplinary team spanning design, copy, production, and photography.

Courtney is currently working to expand awareness and shape engagement for CryptoKitties. Her goals include connecting to a global audience through well-aligned partnerships, buzz-worthy activations, and reputable global events. She’s focusing on leveraging game mechanics to enrich player experience and ignite interest in newcomers to CryptoKitties. Courtney champions the creative vision for building the universe beyond CryptoKitties via concepts that awe, inspire, and drive adoption.