Devin McInnis

Internet Explorer

CSS is the greatest programming language of all time.
  • Front End
  • User Experience
  • Web Performance
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CSS is the greatest programming language of all time.

Devin is an expert at building front-end user experiences that work beautifully and maintain cross-browser compatibility. As a self-proclaimed "Internet Explorer" (pun most definitely intended), he's passionate about bridging the gap between designers and backend engineers to make complex data available to users.

For years, Devin spent his summers coming to the rescue of homeowners who relied on complex, underground systems to irrigate dry southern Ontario lawns. As a sprinkler technician, he developed a keen eye for mechanical systems and knack for problem solving. Alas, a career in landscaping was not his end game.

Devin received his calling while farming in the Maui countryside under the shadow of the rugged Haleakalā volcano. Soon he was on a plane bound for beautiful British Columbia, where he would study digital design at the Vancouver Film School.

Today, Devin can be found digging through the best way to get this page to load 0.1s faster or debating why it's okay to use flexbox (hint: IE9 is not his most favourite browser), allowing him to create seamless interactive experiences.

While he enjoys exploring his new home in Vancouver, Devin says he misses watching the (future Stanley Cup champions) Toronto Maple Leafs in action and screaming "Oskee Wee Wee!" at the top of his lungs.