Dustin Hutton-Alcorn

People Operations

It's handled...
Olivia Pope
  • Team experience
  • Inventory and process management
  • Community engagement and outreach
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It's handled...
Olivia Pope

Combine Olivia Pope and Donna Paulsen, and you have Dustin, Axiom Zen’s beating heart. If anyone knows what’s going on in our office, it’s him.

Dustin empowers our team to work hard and play harder, both inside and outside the Axiom den. He’s reinvented the Vancouver office’s lunch game; spearheaded the ground-up design of our brand new space; ensures our office is less corporate headquarters and more warm, welcoming home; confirms, with assertive benevolence, that every team member takes advantage of company perks; plans Christmas, summer, and other extravaganzas for our hard-working Axioms to unwind; and constantly champions Axiom Zen’s internal brand standards. Dustin puts everyone else first: only when every Axiom is taken care of can he relax.

Prior to Axiom Zen, Dustin was a Preservation and Operations Specialist for Apple. Project managing in-store restoration work while simultaneously supporting event planning and management, Dustin ensured the entire team had seamless access to business-critical technology. He also helped launch the Global Volunteer Program in Canada, which encouraged Apple employees nationwide to undertake regular, ongoing volunteer initiatives with nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Contributing to the greater good is important to Dustin. He graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science and Human Rights. One of his earliest contributions to Axiom Zen was founding a volunteer program for our team, getting our team away from their monitors for a few hours to give back to the community.

Like a big meal at a small table, Dustin delivers a warm and fulfilling experience for everyone he brings together.