Eric Lin

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That is not... quantifiable
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  • Data analysis & statistics
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That is not... quantifiable

Since he was a wee boy, Eric has always been a whiz at two things — math and video games.

A look into his past might reveal whether his genius is nature or nurture: Born in Taiwan, Eric immigrated to Canada with his family when he was a year old. A strict Chinese upbringing meant Eric spent much of his time getting straight A's.

But in between all the homework and after school tutors, he still found the time to play a lot of Warcraft III. In fact, as he was scoring 100% in his math classes, Eric was invited to represent Canada at the World Cyber Games.

After briefly considering a career playing video games, Eric did the next best thing — he graduated with Honors in math at the University of British Columbia and then went on to complete his master's degree in statistics at the University of Windsor. Fearing a dull and slow-paced life as a government statistician, he moved to San Francisco where he learned to code at the App Academy.

At Axiom Zen, Eric is not only a slick Ruby developer but also our resident number-cruncher, data analyst and statistician. As the quantity of data explodes with new sensors, devices, and platforms in the hands of billions of users around the world, Eric will be at the front lines, finding patterns and charting a path into the future.

A competitive gamer at heart, Eric loves getting his hands on new technologies and is always aiming to come in first place.