Howard Tam

Relentless Hustler

Good things come to those who go out and get them.
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • Front End
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Good things come to those who go out and get them.

Howard loves taking products from ideation to realization, and that spirit of constant experimentation serves him well as an engineer at Axiom Zen.

While attending Oxford University, Howard built out awareness for entrepreneurship as a committee member of Oxford Entrepreneurs. He co-founded the St. Anne’s College Startup Incubator, Oxford’s first-ever college-based incubator program. Oxford’s Masters of Engineering program just wasn’t enough of a challenge for Howard, so he did the final year of his degree at Princeton University. It was there he developed a passion for programming.

Howard’s first challenge as a newly minted programmer was working as a Ruby on Rails web development intern for Mixlr. Soon after, Howard craved a new challenge and co-founded his own startup, Silo, a web-based platform built to simplify the search and application process for graduate funding. Not only did Howard design and develop the entire web stack for Silo, he attracted 1000+ active users and facilitated the completion of a major funding campaign with the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign—all in just six days.

Howard was also a member of Princeton Envision, a student group working to pioneer a brighter future through breakthrough technology. The experience has directed his interest towards ‘big’ topics: human existential risk, job automation, and reviving Axiom Zen’s weekly boardgame nights.

Within a few weeks of his first day, Howard was already shipping a React Native app for Legends, one of Axiom Zen’s largest projects. He went on to ace the product’s notification features, and he’s now an integral part of the team behind ParZen, a tool that democratizes machine learning for the average programmer.