Ian Pun

Software Engineer

  • Adapting to new technologies
  • Technical to non-technical communication
  • Backend infrastructure
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Ian is a software engineer on the CryptoKitties team. He specializes in backend development and optimization for the game, and works to continuously improve the CryptoKitties experience. Ian has made a huge impact since joining CryptoKitties, acting as a lead engineer for the game and all things infrastructure.

Before joining our team, Ian first worked as a test engineering intern for an electronic medical record company. He quickly exceeded expectations and began full time as a lead test engineer just after eight months, managing a team of four in implementing an automated test framework from scratch to reduce manual testing and improve team productivity.

Ian later worked as a software engineer for Red Hat, the leading provider of open source technology. During his time with them, he worked on the linux graphic toolkit powering the Eclipse IDE, spoke at multiple conferences (including EclipseCon), and passed the famously difficult Red Hat Certified System Administrator course.

Ian is driven by his passions for finding new ways to improve productivity, and consistently learning and adapting new skills. Always looking forward, Ian is focusing on improving the CryptoKitties backend development practices to ensure the team continues to move as swiftly and efficiently as possible. He’s also working on building developer tools for the KittyVerse: the expansion of the CryptoKitties game and world.