Jordan Schalm

Blockchain Oracle

Keep moving.
  • Golang
  • React
  • Python
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Keep moving.

Jordan may not be Axiom Zen’s most senior engineer, but that hasn’t slowed him down. He’s already served as the Web Developer for the Ubyssey, and currently holds the position of President of UBC Launch Pad.

While other students were polishing their beer pong skills, Jordan could be found leading a team building a cryptocurrency from the ground up, or working for companies like Cumul8, where he helped develop an iOS app for business analytics and automated data analysis tools for quickly finding insights in arbitrary data sets.

Now Jordan is leveraging his knowledge of Golang and React to add muscle to the Toby and Legends development teams. He’s behind public collection sharing, weekly usage reports, and attribution through likes to Toby’s backend API. For Legends, he’s working on the news feed, context engine, and social features such as tribes and messaging. Plus he’s masterminding on an open-source auction system for non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain. He just keeps moving!