Jordan Castro

Cat Curator

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Online advertising
  • A/B testing
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As the Community and Growth Lead for CryptoKitties, Jordan focuses on fostering the third party ecosystem of apps built on CryptoKitties. He also leads ad campaigns, community insight and success, and QA.

Prior to joining the CryptoKitties team, Jordan worked at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, where he created a successful campaign that generated $30M in gross sales in just over one year. Jordan is also co-founder of, the number one breeding calculator for CryptoKitties. His product was so good, we hired him for the CryptoKitties team.

With CryptoKitties, Jordan runs our marketing campaigns, leading a successful ad campaign for the Ethereal Cat—it sold for $140K for charity during the Ethereal Summit in NYC. Jordan has been our community champion, and brought some of the top community developers together to enrich the game experience and help the CryptoKitties universe grow. Jordan also loves optimizing and tracking incremental improvements in ad campaigns. He has a passion for player-driven economies, and this is how CryptoKitties became his favorite game. Jordan thrives on building communities and tools around the games he loves, and this is why he’s so successful within the CryptoKitties team and community.