Jurie Wessels

Reacher of High Things

If this is Game of Thrones, Axiom Zen has the dragons.
  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • Web application development
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If this is Game of Thrones, Axiom Zen has the dragons.

Jurie knows even the best products need polish if they’re going to shine, and he brings his own burnished brilliance to ZenHub.

Jurie began his career in the gemstone and diamond trade. He went on to work as a diamond and gemstone buyer, and as a senior gemmologist at a gemological laboratory. A stint studying mechanical engineering bridged the gap between gems and technology, and Jurie eventually went on to work as a software engineer with Zozi, which was invested in by Axiom Zen’s own Roham Gharegozlou. Jurie worked on Zozi’s consumer-facing web application, and was instrumental in the development of several content creation and infrastructure monitoring tools. He also instructed students in application design, implementation, and debugging at CodeCore, Vancouver's largest coding school.

Jurie is driven by solving interesting problems while keeping the bottom line in mind. He applies his skills in Ruby and Javascript to ZenHub’s backend, where he is pleased to work alongside many talented and diverse team members. He loves exploring where people are from, what led them here to Vancouver, and what languages they speak.