Kan Zhang

Undetermined Variable

Fearless but not careless, relentless but not reckless.
  • Android/java
  • Golang
  • Back-end
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Fearless but not careless, relentless but not reckless.

There's something about Kan that just screams: engineer.

Maybe it's the iron band around his finger, a reminder of the obligations and ethics Kan swore he would uphold throughout his career. Some might argue it's his very personality that exudes all the characteristics you'd expect from a good Axiom Zen engineer: professional, responsible, and logical as heck.

Kan brings critical thinking, advanced mathematics, and forward thinking to his job, where his innate talent for problem solving and complex data analysis at Axiom Zen make him a gifted and awesomely functional coder.

Previously, Kan worked as a civil engineer where he designed floor and roof systems, as well as concrete and steel columns essential to a city's infrastructure. His work helped to maintain roads, large hotels and, oh yes, sewage systems. He also worked as an independent mobile app developer, building servers to handle gaming applications and creating the front-end for a multi-player strategy game (in which you build fleets of spaceships to defend planets and attack others!).

Kan has civil engineering and computer science degrees from the University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia.