Kendra Moroz

Success Scientist

Cuando eleves un muro, sé prudente construye entre sus piedras una grieta.
Jaime Moreno Villareal
  • Customer experience and advocacy
  • User activation and onboarding
  • Product growth strategy
Cuando eleves un muro, sé prudente construye entre sus piedras una grieta.
Jaime Moreno Villareal

As ZenHub’s success scientist focused on user activation and first user experience, Kendra spends her days creating delightful moments for millions of users.

“Pick a path and stay on it” is a common piece of advice—and one Kendra’s never believed in. Her passions have taken her from a major in political science and law at Carleton University to a Masters in early childhood development at Ryerson. From there she powered onwards into post-graduate studies in Project Management at Waterloo, Interaction Design at Emily Carr, and Data Science at Brainstation.

That diversity of experience didn’t stop in the classroom. Kendra has worked as an early childhood development Education Advisor and Program Facilitator, an Executive Assistant in the Senate of Canada, and a Liaison in Community Engagement for the United States Embassy. From there she took a spin at project management in the construction industry, and finally landed in the tech sector through a position as Director of Customer Engagement at 7Geese. From there she went on to build the foundation and strategic direction of customer success for Rise. Over the course of that journey, she was honored to receive the Alberta Premier’s Citizenship Award.

Kendra knows the value of being a strong, inspirational woman, and her true passion is for empowering others. At ZenHub, she translates that passion into user experience and flow. Kendra has helped introduce a suite of changes to the user activation and journey flow, including several improvements to the first user experience and onboarding paths. She transitioned customer content delivery from feature-driven to workflow-centric, and helped the team adopt a more customer-centric, experience-driven mindset that has resulted in happier customers, lower churn, and quicker support turnaround.