Chiqing ‘Leo’ Zhang

Head of Scaling

I fight complexity.
  • Algorithms
  • Full-stack
  • Database optimization
I fight complexity.

As Head of Scaling, Leo leads CryptoKitties’ engineering scalability initiatives. Since joining the team, he has optimized and migrated the CryptoKitties database to support multiple regions in the US and Asia. He has also optimized it to support advanced searching and filtering—a feature request that came highly desired by our players.

After gaining his master's degree from Beijing Jiatong University, Leo started his career as an engineer at Microsoft Research Asia before joining Baidu, China's most popular Internet search engine, as a senior developer. There, he built and patented the online system that helps Baidu's advertising clients understand keyword performance. Before moving onto the CryptoKitties team, Leo worked as chief software architect and CTO at ZenHub, and is a primary creator of ZenHub’s enterprise solution, which supports tens of thousands of engineers at some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 organizations.

Leo’s extensive expertise in data analysis, complex engineering, and developing mobile apps makes him integral to the team’s and product’s success. He does all this while sticking to his mantra of keeping things simple, reliable, and above all, scalable.