Mickey Maher

Head of Revenue and Gaming Partnerships

As long as I learn I will make mistakes.
Beastie Boys
  • Conscientiousness
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Thriving in complex environments
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As long as I learn I will make mistakes.
Beastie Boys

Mickey is our Head of Revenue, responsible for Gaming Partnerships and Revenue with CryptoKitties. His primary goal is to expand CryptoKitties and upcoming blockchain projects into the greater gaming market with our goal of bringing the first billion users to the blockchain.

CryptoKitties is the fifth venture-backed startup Mickey has worked for in the gaming industry—with all of them, he has significantly and consistently grown revenue. Mickey worked as Head of Global Sales for Unity Technologies where he built a mobile ad business from pre-launch to nearly $300M in revenue. He’s also spent years working with high-level partnerships with startups including Applifier, Sometrics, and Upsight, offering analytics, marketing, advertising, digital good marketplace, and social solutions to gaming companies.

Mickey’s time working with CryptoKitties has allowed him to travel to different parts of the world every week. He’s at his best when working on anything and everything by applying his blend of conscientious and entrepreneurial spirit, his tenacious drive, and his ability to thrive in complex environments.