Pablo Navarro Castillo

Data Conductor

I'm never late.
  • D3
  • Algorithms
  • JavaScript
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I'm never late.

Pablo is a mathematical engineer who combines modelling and data analysis with a flair for the fine arts.

As ZenHub's very own D3 expert, he brings numbers to life by creating and deploying complex visualizations and even authored a book on the subject! Pablo works on front-end development for ZenHub and played a pivotal role in growing the team in Santiago, Chile.

Previously, Pablo spent two years in France working for Renault and Michelin, where he developed a statistical method to understand the causes of deviations in car crash tests (at the former) and built software that simulates physical transformations of raw rubber layers (at the latter).

Pablo was also an algorithmic trader for a hedge fund, and a data visualization consultant who built interactive charts for companies in Chile, Panama and the United States. He has a Master's degree in applied mathematics from Ecole des Mines de Saint-Étienne in France.

While Pablo is genuinely kind and mild mannered, don't be fooled by his genial disposition – he'll divide and conquer during the Settlers of Catan!