Peter Hollyman

Seeker of Axioms, finder of Zen

  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Caring
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As a champion of company growth and culture, Peter is an integral part of the Axiom Zen team. He’s responsible for growing our crew across all business disciplines, from design to finance to adding to his own team as we expand at top speed.

Peter began his path studying Industrial Design at Coventry University, but before long he realized he wanted a career empowering talented people to achieve their goals. After completing his degree, he jumped into talent acquisition, which led him to the Onni Group, a leading real estate development company. With Onni, Peter recruited for multiple departments across a variety of skill levels for their North American offices. Today, he brings that drive and experience to Axiom Zen.

Driven by a passion for learning about other people’s lives and experiences, Peter is committed to supporting them in advancing their careers. Partnering this passion with a company growing as quickly as the Axiom Zen team makes for a perfect match.