Pierre Beugnot

Full Stack Beard Enthusiast

Hack, Ship, Iterate, Rinse & Repeat
  • DevOps
  • Back-end
  • Security
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Hack, Ship, Iterate, Rinse & Repeat

Pierre started growing his beard in 2012, when he first arrived in Canada with a backpack and a dream: to work for a world-class startup.

A fearless self-starter, Pierre is a DevOps mastermind who is passionate about building teams and software from the ground up with an emphasis on performance, efficiency, and scalability.

He's a pro at backend engineering and develops impressive solutions for systems monitoring, deployments, security and continuous integration at Axiom Zen. He's thrilled to have been a part of our team from the very beginning.

Born and raised in France, Pierre graduated with a degree in computer science from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Grenoble and spent five beard-less years developing and implementing music streaming solutions for Universal Music Group, Virgin Music, and Samsung before joining Axiom Zen.