Rachel Barclay

Vault Hunter

Never tell me the odds.
Han Solo
  • Project management
  • Product operations
  • Team communications
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Never tell me the odds.
Han Solo

As a Producer at CryptoKitties, Rachel spearheads project management, giving our teams the tools and frameworks they need to deliver compelling, immersive experiences for our players. She is currently leading the team bringing CryptoKitties to players around the world, while building out the project management toolkit for our blockchain teams and refining our product operations.

Prior to joining the CryptoKitties team, Rachel worked at Electronic Arts, refining project management practices to keep the talent acquisition and development teams running in lockstep. She also produced a pilot series of recruitment videos for EA Studios, from defining the project scope to managing the onsite video production. Rachel also served as a board member at Vancouver’s grunt gallery, working closely with the senior leadership team on strategic direction and governance.

An avid gamer, Rachel is wildly excited about the future of blockchain gaming, and the possibilities that it will unlock for billions of players worldwide.