Renan Sgorlom

The Warden of the Pixels

The desire for knowledge shapes a man.
Patrick Rothfuss
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • User Experience
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The desire for knowledge shapes a man.
Patrick Rothfuss

Renan is a software engineer on the CryptoKitties team. He’s accomplished enhancing the user experience by facilitating core mechanics, like breeding, in the game, and has also brought joy and delight to the game experience by creating several static and interactive animations.

A web development graduate of the Federal University of Parana in Brazil, Renan has focused his career on front-end engineering and building enjoyable user interactions. He’s also worked at Mogo, where he and his team won the The Canadian Mortgage Award for Best Use of Mobile Technology.

Renan is driven by creating experiences that delight users with awe and excitement. His focus is to continue creating engaging and thoughtful interactions and front end experiences for our beloved CryptoKitties community, whether that’s a cheeky animation, or a bespoke live art exhibit.