Sam Gharegozlou

Mr. President

Who put a hole in the wall?
  • Operations management
  • Research analysis
  • Project management
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Who put a hole in the wall?

Sam is Axiom Zen’s steadfast President — someone we really couldn't live without.

Organized, efficient, and dependable, throughout the portfolio Sam oversees everything from financials, to growth, to legal and HR, and helps formulate company policies and shape our culture of creativity and support.

To Sam, Axiom Zen is the only work that has mattered in his career. Here he’s helped create a home for talented creatives to build products and companies using cutting edge technology. He’s built the team up from 2 to over eighty people, with successful spin-off companies that have raised millions in funding.

Sam’s first passion is his work and his team. They’re the reason he gets up in the morning. He’s also committed to using the knowledge and tools at his disposal to help those who haven’t been so fortunate.