Sam Gharegozlou


Who put a hole in the wall?
  • Operations management
  • Research analysis
  • Project management
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Who put a hole in the wall?

Sam is our steadfast operations director at Axiom Zen — someone we really couldn't live without.

This stupendous superhuman manages our finances and resources, establishing a solid infrastructure, keeping our team well fed and remunerated, and making sure we pay our bills on time.

Organized, efficient and dependable, Sam works on formulating company policies and has a hand in keeping all things Zen.

While most of the guys at Axiom Zen are programming polyglots, Sam is a linguist in a more traditional sense.

Fluent in Italian, French, Persian and English, his linguistic competence comes from a lifetime of moving around. Sam was born in Iran, moved to Dubai as a child, then migrated to Paris, before finally settling in Vancouver.

He's a graduate of Western University in Ontario, where he majored in political science.