Tyler Gaffney


  • Enterprise sales and marketing
  • Business development
  • Business strategy
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Tyler is a proven technology executive with an incredibly sharp product instinct. His speciality is driving revenue growth for high-potential, early-stage B2B startups. At Axiom Zen, he focuses on scaling our most successful companies with his holistic omnichannel approach to sales and marketing.

While studying economics at Boston College, Tyler worked on an ambulance as an EMT. He decided to continue the habit of long hours and high stress with a taste of the startup life during a summer internship. The experience left him hungry for more.

Tyler went on to work at General Electric for five years. A graduate of GE’s Commercial Leadership Program, Tyler transformed one of GE’s underperforming territories into one of their leading sectors in just two of those five years.

A consultant and advisor to several venture-backed startups, Tyler has always been focussed on growth acceleration. As the number 3 person behind the founders at WePay, an API payments company backed by Highland and August Capital, Tyler was responsible for the strategic decision to focus on the API product. He successfully led sales, business development, marketing, support, and recruiting, growing WePay from $0 to over $1 billion in payments volume.

Growing ventures and finding fruitful results, Tyler is Axiom Zen’s fertilizer for early-stage startups – sans the smell, of course.