Vivian Hu

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This is an adventure
Steve Zissou
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Design research
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This is an adventure
Steve Zissou

Vivian’s name is surely no mistake—she’s full of life, just like her moniker. She brings that lively attitude to everything she does as a Designer, creating amazing user experiences for Axiom Zen products.

Vivian entered professional visual design with Blast Radius after studying Interactive Design at Simon Fraser University. During her studies, she attended two competitive-entry field schools, SFU’s ‘dutchDesign’ and ‘italiDesign’; it was during these programs that she had the opportunity to interview world-class industrial designers (and travel the world!). After graduating, she went on to work in UX and UI design with SAP, where she improved user workflows for features, developed UI mockups, standardized UI design patterns, and explored visionary UI for their Cloud for Analytics product. After SAP, Vivian joined Blast Radius to work on visual design for their blog and social platforms, as well as for their eCommerce UI rebrand project.

With Axiom Zen, Vivian has already accomplished incredible feats, including improving ZenHub’s onboarding flow and creating an in-app tutorial hub. As of late, she’s been busy designing new user experiences and using UX and UI design as a bridge to connect people to blockchain and dApps. Vivian loves what she does; she gets to make new technology accessible for everyone by providing a delightful user experience.