Wren Handman

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People carry worlds within them.
Neil Gaiman
  • Creative writing
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
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People carry worlds within them.
Neil Gaiman

As the lead editor of Hammer & Tusk, Wren documents our journey from the real world into virtual ones.

One of two people accepted into her year at the University of British Columbia’s Masters in Theatre and Creative Writing program, Wren has written three novels and a TV show. She also maintains a flash fiction blog, and she’s sitting on an unpublished novel about AI and VR because Wren simply can’t keep the acronyms at the office.

Wren often acts as the liaison between the layperson and the educated developer. The place between these binaries is where Wren is most comfortable: her blog posts and articles often make high-level concepts palatable to everyone, even those without an engineering degree.

Wren may not be the reason you’ve heard of virtual or augmented reality, but she's probably the reason you read about it.