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Axiom Zen is a venture design studio. We collaborate with Fortune 500 partners to turn ideas into companies. We catalyze corporate innovation, leveraging our proven team and process to accelerate success. Our speciality is leveraging the latest in emerging technology to create high growth businesses and delightful experiences for millions of users.

Our next project is one of our most exciting: we're launching a well-funded international sports media property that will be experienced by millions. If you want to be a foundational member of the team, read on!


The Role

The Sports Content Strategist will leverage their sincere passion for all things sports to pursue partners, manage vendors, and create pitch-perfect proposals.

Numerous titles could apply to this role – Content Curator, Content Manager, Digital Producer, Editorial Manager, and even Editor-in-Chief – but whatever you call yourself, you will play an active part in shaping the content that defines our groundbreaking product.  


Does this describe you?

You care about sports beyond the points scored in a game. Not only do you have proven experience reaching a sports-centric audience, you're excited about the future of sport and how you can help create it. Ideally, you have a network of contacts and vendors tied to this audience.



Working with a world-class team of engineers and designers to create a new digital home for sports, you will be responsible for establishing and maintaining content quality standards for our platform.

The Sports Content Strategist will:

  • Define and execute on a content strategy for both standard and highly-specialized formats
  • Work with Axiom Zen's external stakeholders and internal team to ensure we deliver the best possible content for users
  • Pursue and foster vendor relationships while finding new sources of content for the platform
  • Recommend approaches and processes to improve the content experience for users



We're eager to find the right person – as opposed to a specific set of qualifications – for a role this fundamental to our project's success.

That said, the Sports Content Strategist must possess:

  • A deep passion for all things sports – meaning more than one sport!
  • Experience managing a team that creates and sources content for a popular digital property
  • A thorough knowledge of how to reach sport audiences and the kind of content that succeeds in this space
  • A knack for working with diverse stakeholders and managing the challenges that come with that experience
  • Superior communication skills with the ability to influence


Get excited to come to work! We have:

  • World-class designers: Our designers built Aeronaut, featured by Apple in 35 countries, and honoree winner for best visual design in the 2017 Webby Awards.
  • An engineering dream team: We thrive on solving user problems with industry-leading tools and techniques (some of which we’ve built ourselves!). Our developers hail from startups and corporate leaders like Google, Apple, Baidu, and Microsoft.
  • Cutting-edge technology: We use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to build our own semantic analysis technology that helped the Timeline team put news in context.


The icing on the cake

We want Axioms to be happy and thriving. We offer a competitive salary, unlimited vacation, holistic initiatives, active speakers budget… and more!


Are you axiomatic?

If you think we’ll work well together, we want to hear from you! Apply with your resume, links to your social media profiles, and anything else you think we should see. We’d also like to see an article you have written about sports. Alternatively, send us your thoughts on how future sports content will be consumed (250 words max).

At last count Axioms have lived in 31 countries, and speak 16 languages! We are Axiom Zen, and we don’t discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


Zen Den Vancouver

980 Howe St #350
Vancouver, BC V6Z 0C8

Thank you for applying to Axiom Zen!

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