Agile Coach / Program Manager

Axiom Zen HQ (Vancouver)

Axiom Zen is a venture design studio. We collaborate with Fortune 500 partners to turn ideas into companies. We catalyze corporate innovation, bringing our proven team and process to accelerate success. Our speciality is using the latest in emerging technology to create high growth businesses and delightful experiences for millions of users.


The one we’re looking for

Our Agile Coach / Program Manager acts as mission control for our most critical projects. You’ll ensure projects are prioritized and progressing in a meaningful way, and that all of our work aligns with Axiom Zen’s goals, values, and expectations.

Our organization doesn’t have a typical hierarchy, and that means our roles don’t necessarily fit into a tidy job title. We do, of course, value the experience a candidate brings with them, but equally important to us is the person's ambition and willingness to try new things. For the right candidate, we can adapt the role to empower maximum impact. There are three elements, however, that are core to the role:


Align and prioritize key Axiom Zen projects.

In order to put our portfolio of projects into the “bigger picture” at Axiom Zen, you will be expected to develop a native command of organization-wide resources: each Axiom’s skills and abilities, as well as their interests and areas for growth.  

You will need to ensure budding internal projects support organization-wide priorities, and that attention and resources are prioritized for “best bets.” The key is to know where tensions lie and to communicate that information to all relevant stakeholders. You’ll work closely with engineering, design, and product leads, as well as our leadership team.


Speak a project team’s language, and help them help themselves.

You will help teams choose between Scrum, Kanban, Agile, and other methodologies, explaining the pros, cons, and right ways to apply each. Most importantly, you will help disseminate best practices using our internal project management suite (GitHub + ZenHub) for maximum transparency with minimum overhead.


Partner management and communication.

Not only do you tick all the typical requirements (e.g. clear communicator, effective coordinator, etc.), you’ll be taking an active role in the discovery process, identifying pain points and communicating technical and non-technical concepts. This liaising extends to bringing different stakeholders together, often working closely with our leadership team.

With your understanding of what’s important to our partners, you will be responsible for keeping an eye on burn rate, budgets, feature adjustments, end dates, and overall progress, and ensuring all these factors are accounted for across Axiom Zen’s diverse portfolio.


Are you the one?

You have varied experience as a project or program manager with teams that have shipped code. You're knowledgeable and passionate about the craft of agile project management, and can teach us a thing or two! Not only are you up for a challenge, you thrive when met with one. Your experience and expertise will be tested; some of your ideas will receive pushback, and you can defend or adapt them without missing a step.

You have a willingness to experiment, and you can improvise when necessary. Most importantly, you're able to fail, pick yourself up, and try again.

We are striving to build the future through high-stake ideas and big swings. If this excites you -- and you think you have what it takes to help build that future -- we want to hear from you.


Get excited to come to work! We have:

  • World-class designers: Our designers built Aeronaut, featured by Apple in 35 countries, and honoree winner for best visual design in the 2017 Webby Awards.
  • An engineering dream team: We thrive on solving user problems with industry-leading tools and techniques (some of which we’ve built ourselves!). Our developers hail from startups and corporate leaders like Google, Apple, Baidu, and Microsoft.
  • Cutting-edge technology: We use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to build our own semantic analysis technology that helped the Timeline team put news in context.


The icing on the cake

We want Axioms to be happy and thriving. We offer a competitive salary, unlimited vacation, holistic initiatives, active speakers budget… and more!


Are you axiomatic?

If you think we’ll work well together, we want to hear from you! Apply with your resume, links to your social media profiles, and anything else you think we should see.

At last count Axioms have lived in 31 countries, and speak 16 languages! We are Axiom Zen, and we don’t discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


Zen Den Vancouver

980 Howe St #350
Vancouver, BC V6Z 0C8

Thank you for applying to Axiom Zen!

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