Sr Community Manager and Blockchain Evangelist

Axiom Zen HQ (Vancouver)

Axiom Zen is a venture studio. We turn ideas into companies. Our specialty is testing the potential of emerging technology to catalyze high-growth businesses. Today that means we're working primarily on AI and blockchain.


The Role

We need someone to help us build and grow vibrant communities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds, bringing together experts and mainstream fans alike to support our upcoming ICOs and product launches. You will be the tip of our spear for engaging, growing, and learning from these rapidly growing niche communities.

We are starting multiple initiatives and will ask you to jump in between different contexts. Some of our projects are just-for-fun (let’s put cats on the blockchain!), others represent massive business opportunities or step-function improvements in the technology.

We are looking for a creative leader who loves working with a team. As the ideal candidate, you sling buttery-smooth copy whether longform or on social. You are creative but metrics-driven, using data to hone your gut instinct but always willing to try something new.

You are a Secret Agent, infiltrating communities of interest and spreading your message with persuasive authenticity. While you don’t need to be an engineer, you need the basic fluency necessary to contribute to the conversation when acronyms like AI, AR, and VR come up. In order to prepare for this interview, make sure you know the basics about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We are open to both full-time and contract applicants.


Does this sound like you?

  • You take the time to proof your internet comments before you hit post; you know what an oxford comma is, and you have feelings about it.
  • Outreach is a regular part of your process; you’re not afraid to share your thoughts and ideas, and you’re excited at the prospect of helping others do the same.
  • Your creative process is tempered by analytical necessity. You don’t make blind assumptions; you balance your enthusiastic efforts with analytics that define success and the overall health of a community.
  • Autonomy empowers your best work, but you can work with a diverse team and a defined editorial calendar to deliver meaningful results.
  • Instead of shying away from criticism, you seek it out and regularly improve yourself and your work as a result.
  • New ideas and technology excite you; you’re capable of communicating both passion and an understanding of otherwise nebulous concepts.


How to apply

Apply with your resume, links to your social media profiles, and anything else you think we should see. Also, please answer the following questions (250 words max, each):

“What do you think is the quickest way for a brand new community to find its audience?”

“You have to take down Batman. What’s the plan?”


More about Axiom Zen

We have a relentless drive to ensure our team members are growing and happy. We offer competitive compensation, unlimited vacation, holistic initiatives, a speaker's travel budget, and more.

You’ll be working with a diverse team of colleagues from 31 countries. Our team of ~80 creatives includes published authors, over a dozen former founders, and decades of collective experience beating the odds at companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Tesla.


Axiom Zen was named first among Canada's Most Innovative Companies by Canadian Business. Our work has been featured in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and Fast Company.

We are the team behind ZenHub, the world's leading collaboration solution for technical teams at Microsoft, Docker, Adobe, and NASA. We also developed Timeline, named one of Apple's Best Apps of the Year and Best New App in 88 countries, and Toby, recognized as Top Chrome Extension of 2016 by both Google and Product Hunt. 


Thank you for applying to Axiom Zen!

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