Market Analyst

Vancouver, BC
We're looking for a Market Analyst to help us decipher and harness industry trends, parse market data to drive effective decision making, shape and assess the impact of our partnership activations, and apply strategic thinking and efficient processes to streamline and strengthen our contracts. You’ll play a key role in growing a business through your insights, and you’ll help shape the way a revolutionary new technology is introduced to and adopted by new audiences. Every day, you’ll collaborate with a world-class team in our Vancouver office.

Every one of us shares a common vision: to create the future we want to live in. We need the right people to help us realize that vision.
All about us:
Dapper Labs wants everyone, not just industry insiders, to experience the value of blockchain technology. Our people are our greatest strength: our diverse team of creators and founders flourish in a distributed hierarchy, where personal autonomy and professional growth are encouraged. We value our culture and diversity above else, regardless of where you came from, what you studied, or who you used to work for. This unique organizational structure is the same one behind CryptoKitties.

The Dapper team is a group of humble and curious creators, academics, and tinkerers who share a passion to demystify blockchain technology and tap into its potential to create change in the world. Your role here will necessitate both a high level of creativity and strategic thinking on complex issues, whether you’re optimizing our data capture methods or designing a new blockchain game. Everyone here is a founder, and no one fits in a box. We’re all driven by an insatiable thirst for learning and development, and that’s what brings us together. Join us in bringing the first billion to the blockchain.
What we’ll accomplish together:
  • Leverage industry trends to effectively hit our targeted verticals.
  • Conduct research and analysis to equip our finance and marketing teams with the data to make the best possible decisions.
  • Assess the impact of our partnership activations and put those learnings in practice to make each one better than the last.
  • Strengthen our contracts by implementing strategic decision-making and gathering knowledge to better negotiate.
  • Uncover new opportunities for the partnerships team.
  • Contribute to ad hoc special projects through research, data analysis, and planning/execution.
Our ideal candidate:
  • Combines the critical mind of an analyst with the management skills to shepherd projects and foster relationships.
  • Has worked in an entry-level business/market analyst or similar role.
  • Can operate autonomously, take initial direction and then run with it.
  • Is analytical, process-driven, and data-oriented.
  • Communicates their findings in a clear, effective manner, with experience working across various teams.