Who Spends $140,000 on a CryptoKitty?

by Elisa Mala

On May 12, a crowd gathered in a former factory space in Queens for what was billed as the first-ever live auction of cryptocurrency-themed art.

There were 10 works auctioned, but the big draw of the night was undoubtedly “Celestial Cyber Dimension,” an art piece with analog and digital components, which housed a CryptoKitty.

It was created by the art director of CryptoKitties, Guilherme Twardowski, who is known professionally as Guile Gaspar. His creation had been displayed at Christie’s Auction House near a Basquiat earlier in the week.

A Christie’s auctioneer was there to rally the attendees, many of whom were in town for a blockchain summit. Bidders could pay for the art in cryptocurrency or the American dollar; proceeds went to charity.

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