Simple route planning for smart companies.

Routific is a Mac in the PC world of routing solutions.
Chris Kannen – Owner of The Spicy Radish

Let’s face it—logistics has never been sexy.

It’s an age-old industry stuck in its antiquated ways. Traditional routing solutions are notoriously clunky and outdated, but the alternative is even worse—pen and paper, a map, and hours upon hours of wasted time.

Enter Routific: a beautifully smart route optimization platform built for modern delivery businesses.

  • 37% shorter routes
  • 2x increase in deliveries
  • up to 10 hours saved each week

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Planning routes is a tricky business

In the world of delivery, consumers expect just about anything brought straight to their doorstep.

3 Vehicles + 57 Stops = 40 quattuorvigintillion possible delivery schedules

Giants like Walmart and UPS invest millions building proprietary routing tools, but the vast majority of delivery companies—representing more than 4.5 million trucks in the U.S alone—still get around the old-fashioned way. Pen, paper, and a headache.

Businesses typically spend two laborious hours planning routes each day. Routific does it in three seconds.

Accelerated by Axiom Zen, Routific is now the world’s most trusted route optimization solution. From New York City to Paris to Singapore, no solution is more efficient—or as elegant.

For route planners

Route optimization tools are notoriously outdated, difficult to use, and quite frankly, ugly.

Routific changes all this. Its beautifully simple dashboard is powered by a proprietary routing algorithm, and the user interface is primed for immediate use—at once familiar, intuitive, and streamlined.

Planners simply upload a list of addresses, enter driver information, and the routing engine springs into action—churning through a quattuorvigintillion possible permutations in seconds.

When last-minute changes come up (and they always do), route planners are in the driver’s seat. Everything is customizable, from time windows, to service times, to capacity constraints on vehicles.

Dragging and dropping stops re-route drivers instantly. Planners get full visibility into how their changes impact drivers and their time spent on the road. Customers call this experience “magical”—a seldom-uttered word in the business of logistics!

For drivers

Routific’s mobile app keeps drivers on track and on time. One tap provides full access into customer information, turn-by-turn directions, and live traffic—empowering drivers with everything they need to increase their happy customer quotient.

The driver’s day begins with a personal schedule plus any special instructions. With turn-by-turn directions, they’re off to greet their first customer—by car or by semi-truck, in rain, sleet, or snow.

Routific’s technology solves a notoriously complex problem. In the end, the impact is as simple as clockwork: more business and happier customers.

“ Routific is beautifully engineered for today’s modern and competitive businesses. ”
– Sarah Edwards, CEO of DiaperKind