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ZenHub Enterprise helps us move fast and meet the needs of Imgur’s massive growth.
Brian Kassouff – Imgur

ZenHub is the first and only project management solution inside GitHub. Unlike third-party tools which force teams away from the code, ZenHub saves time by centralizing the entire development workflow in one place, allowing developers to focus on what they’re really good at: building awesome stuff.

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ZenHub & Axiom Zen

ZenHub began as a scrappy startup, gaining early traction with the open source community in GitHub, the world’s most popular code hoster. Early adopters were mostly developers eager to ditch clunkier project management tools.

As the only project management solution displayed in GitHub, ZenHub held a unique advantage: capturing even a percentage of GitHub’s 10+ million users would be a win.

Soon, teams at Facebook, Microsoft, NBC, and others caught on. It was time for ZenHub to evolve.

Over 800,000

GitHub Issues Prioritized

4x increase

in Organic Traffic

2.2x increase

in Clicks to Download

3x increase

in Key Feature Activity

We spearheaded the development and launch of ZenHub 2.0, a reinvention of the original web product.
We also designed and launched ZenHub’s first product for Fortune 100 companies, ZenHub Enterprise.

Project management, evolved.

ZenHub’s features were designed to parallel GitHub’s famously minimal UI. But seamless design came at a cost: our research found some customers were unsure which features were ZenHub’s, and which were GitHub’s.

We redesigned each feature with discreet touches of branding, while retaining the ‘get-out-of-the-way-ability’ that developers loved. The redesign concretized the ZenHub image and increased brand recognition without distracting users.

2.0 updates centered around key retention drivers. New features, like Burndown Charts, target key decision makers at large-scale organizations.

Added functionality in ZenHub’s Task Boards allowed us to triple the time customers stay in the product.

Growing up and staying playful

ZenHub 1.0’s eye-catching black-and-yellow branding screamed “startup”. For 2.0, we overhauled the once-minimal website with sleeker branding that is trustworthy, but never boring.

All-new content, including a rich tutorials section with educational material, is perfectly primed for a growing Enterprise audience. The result? A new brand that’s mature, and playfully so.

From extension to enterprise

Enterprise companies are increasingly recognizing the ROI for internal collaboration products. A project management tool displayed in GitHub Enterprise would help customers make the most of their existing (and substantial) GitHub Enterprise investment. Indeed, customer research showed that ZenHub increases GitHub usage by about ~97%.

Enterprise-grade security
Dedicated support
Behind your firewall

ZenHub Enterprise was engineered to meet the deployment requirements of Fortune 100 companies. While similar to the web product, this new product came with its own technical challenges. ZenHub Enterprise is hosted behind customer firewalls, on their own servers; ad hoc feature improvements become impossible.

Feature release schedules had to be bundled to keep customer overhead minimal. We worked with the ZenHub team to engineer a far more robust product, enabling more evergreen builds.

We modeled the ZenHub Enterprise deployment on GitHub Enterprise, making installation and team onboarding as familiar as possible.

“ Adding ZenHub to our team has resulted in a huge improvement to our workflow. ”
Chris Balt, Microsoft